Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Monday! I had a good weekend. I've been really watching what i'm eating and working out. I'm continuing to do the exercise bike, but I think tonight i'm going to try to jog on the treadmill. We will see how that goes. I'm so happy I don't have that drama in my life that I had a couple weeks ago things have been nice and relaxed. Thank You to all my new followers! Welcome! For those that have been following me Thank you! I think i will post pictures later this week. I hope everyone is having a good day and thank you for all your support.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy................but working today

Ugh its saturday and i'm working. Luckily i only work saturday's for another month or so and then back to doing one saturday every 12 weeks. I worked out again last night! That was my fifth day in a row. I know some people take a day or 2 off from working out, but if I do that I have a feeling i'll stop working out which is why I want to work out every day. That way I will stick to this. My trainer/friend Ally came over last night. She gave me some new exercises with weights to do. Thanks Ally for that. It feels good to finally be back in a groove with working out. My eating has been better to. I still feel like I need a fill, but only maybe .1-.25 cc and I think that will do the trick, because last time I was overfilled. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday! Anyone have any plans for the weekend??? For me i'm gonna work out! I've been sticking to working out all week and it feels good. I'm eating good too. I'm hoping the weight will start falling off soon. I hate how it takes longer to take it off. I've mainly been doing the exercise bike. I did some weights on wed and will do some tonight. I did 45 min on the exercise bike on wed which for me is really good. Maybe i'll try the treadmill tonight. It just seems like i burn more calories on the exercise bike. Does that make since? I've been trying for lunch to stick to the smart ones and lean cuisine and i've noticed that they have a lot of sodium so i've also been drinking a ton of water. How much cardio do you ususally do on any given day and how many days a week?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hey Everyone!! How's your week going? I'm happy to report i'm having a very good week. I've been eating properly as well as exercising. I've been doing 30 min of cardio daily. Well since monday anyway. What are some of you reommendations for exercise that you enjoy?? I'm hoping to drop some weight pretty quickly. I noticed the longer i eat better the less i crave junk food. I've also been making sure that i get enough fluid. How long do you exercise daily? I hope everyone is having a good week. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Monday, April 19, 2010

workout today

I feel like since surgery i've been such a slacker. I've been eating the wrong food and not sticking to exercising, which i need to do to get healthier and weight less. This is all changing today. Starting today I'm sticking to it. I"m going to get in a great workout this evening and start eating better. I need to change for the better. This is a lifestyle change. I'm hoping when i go back to the Dr's in may to get another fill. 6cc was to much and 5.5 doesn't seem like enough so i'm hoping for just a little pinch or 2 more. Thank you everyone for inspiring me to change myself for the better.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its saturday!

Hows everyones week? I have a friend who's taking her test today to become a certified personal trainer. She's really knowledgable. She really motivates me to want to work out and lose weight. How long does everybody work out on the treadmill for?? It's crazy how judgemental a lot of people can be when it comes to looks.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Monday!

So its monday! I'm excited for this day to be over. I'm going to go home and workout for awhile and do some crunches as well as work with some weights. How is everones day going? It has been so hard lately to resist temptation like people bringing food in at work. How do you resist temptation? I have a friend who is about the become a personal trainer so she has been coming over once a week to give me ideas and tips. She's really knowledable. It's gonna be hard for me to go the lengh of some activys that she wants me to do, but I know it will only help me and the more I do it the easier it will get. What does everyone use for motivation? I personally use everyone's blogs and follow other people on youtube for my motivation. I also watch biggest loser. Everyone's story is so inspiring. Thank You for motivating me to do my best.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

a new chapter

So My weight loss hasn't really exsisted the past month. I have a friend who's very knowledgable and becoming a personal trainer so she is going to come over and train me once a week. I'm excited for this it's going to really help me. My first workout with me will be tonight. Questions how do you keep yourself from food temptations?