Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Monday! I had a good weekend. I've been really watching what i'm eating and working out. I'm continuing to do the exercise bike, but I think tonight i'm going to try to jog on the treadmill. We will see how that goes. I'm so happy I don't have that drama in my life that I had a couple weeks ago things have been nice and relaxed. Thank You to all my new followers! Welcome! For those that have been following me Thank you! I think i will post pictures later this week. I hope everyone is having a good day and thank you for all your support.


  1. Im a new follower. Im glad you had a good weekend. I look forward to following you on your journey.

  2. Hey Andy!

    Thanks for your nice comment. When my life isn't crazy I normally workout 4-6 days at least 1.5 hours at a time. This week it's only been about an hour 3-4 days - still good, but nothing like what I love/am used to.

  3. Glad things are going well. Keep up the good work.