Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday! Anyone have any plans for the weekend??? For me i'm gonna work out! I've been sticking to working out all week and it feels good. I'm eating good too. I'm hoping the weight will start falling off soon. I hate how it takes longer to take it off. I've mainly been doing the exercise bike. I did some weights on wed and will do some tonight. I did 45 min on the exercise bike on wed which for me is really good. Maybe i'll try the treadmill tonight. It just seems like i burn more calories on the exercise bike. Does that make since? I've been trying for lunch to stick to the smart ones and lean cuisine and i've noticed that they have a lot of sodium so i've also been drinking a ton of water. How much cardio do you ususally do on any given day and how many days a week?

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