Saturday, June 12, 2010

possible errosion

hey! i had an appt with my surgeon yesterday! I asked for a fill and he said you already at 6. He wants to do an endoscopy to fine out if the band has eroded or not. What causes band erosion? could it be from something I've done. In alittle over a month i'm down 8.4 pounds from when he last saw me so that is a bonus.


  1. What would make him think you had an eroded band? Are you experiencing anything unusual? I think if it's just based on having 6cc's that's weird. I have almost 10 cc's in my band and no signs of erosion.
    Hopefully there are no problems, I actually don't know too much about erosion. Let us know what happens.

  2. Hey Andy, I'm curious also what the symptoms were that he thinks this as I read back through and I haven't seen you mention pain or anything weird? Just the fill level and the fact that your weight fluctuates are both very normal. -BG

  3. ya I guess because i had some restriction and now its gone or i'm not getting as much as I had he wants to check for erosion.

  4. OK, I'm guessing you and your Doc know all this, but it's normal for your Sweet Spot to go away and restriction to lessen as you lose weight...the fat on your stomach and under your band shrinks with WL and so your restriction needs to be increased to compensate for the fat loss. Lots of Banders have their Band almost full by the end and have had several different sweet spots along the way.

    I think the average first sweet spot is around 5-6cc's but everyone's anatomy is different as is the amount of fat under the band.

    Never a bad idea to get testing done though. Good luck! -BG

  5. Hope everything is ok...let us know how you get on