Wednesday, July 14, 2010

its wed!!!!!!!!!

Yay!!!!!!! so for the past few weeks I just was sad and at sometimes depressed. I'm going better now....I fell off the wagon for a few weeks. I'm back on it now eating right and exercising again......i just need to stay on it. Its hard because people tell me do this for you and you have to love yourself and i'm just not used to hearing that........i've lost about 4-5 pounds that i had gained already......i put on like 8-10 pounds. I'm going to have a fill next wed so i'm happy about that. My endoscopy went find and everything looked good. How is everyone doing?


  1. I hope that fill does the trick. Good job recognizing that you needed to get back on track.

  2. Andy you are doing great.. You do need to love yourself.. one baby step at a time.. your confidence is going to grow each day..