Wednesday, July 7, 2010

results are in of endoscopy!!!

The past few weeks have been tough. I've just been feeling down and haven't done nothing and make unhealthy decisions. I need to learn to do this for me. I've been obsessive with texing and emailing and facebooking my friends too much. I've done this because i've felt alone. I need to stick to this and finish what i started once i stick to a regular regimen the weight will fly right off. On a good note I had my endoscopy yestarday and the doc said everything is good! So I will be going into the office later this month to hopefully get a fill. As the restriction I feel is not at my sweet spot yet. How has everyone been?


  1. Glad you got good result Andy! The restriction will come with fills to help you more!

  2. Glad that everything is ok, hope that you get your fill soon.

  3. Getting banded on Friday so I'm freaking a bit. Glad your endoscopy turned out well.