Friday, August 27, 2010

MY latest dr's appt

hey!!!!!!!! so my latest dr's appt went well i lost like 15 pounds in the last month. he knocked on the door and opened it and the first words out of his mouth was dammmmmmmmn i'm not touching it. He was happy. I have to go back in 2 months. My most recent weight at the office was 244.8 but i've been weight around 242 243. My goals to get down to maybe 225 or lower before i go back in a few months. Which means I have to up the exercise, which i have totally been lacking. I started a second job in addition to my current job. In addition to my hospital job i now work at kmart. We get some interesting people and the pay's not great but its a job just for alittle extra money. I gotta kick up the workouts and stay off the junk...............Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm with you Andy!

    Totally been slacking on working out too. Lately I've been super super good with cutting out the junk....for the the key has been stocking up on the fruit I love 24/7 and I tend to grab that instead of the "cookies".

    That must have been awesome feeling when your doc said he wasn't touching it haha. LOVE IT! You look awesome keep it up!

  2. 15 lbs in a month - I guess he did say DAMMMMMN!

  3. I would say Dammmmnn too..that is amazing and shows that all of your hard work paid off.. Great for you Andy.. now pass some of that luck off to us all

  4. Umm I don't usually have much motivation Andy. lol What do you use for yours? I need help!