Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its only tuesday :(

Hey! so my weight is now at 235.0!!! The one thing thats been happening since my last fill is i've been vommiting quite a bit sometimes 2-3 times daily. My last filled was about 2 months ago! I don't think my band has slipped because i'm still restricted and I don't think I have errosion because i'm not having any pain. I think alot of it is just be taking to long to figure out when i can or can't eat. I have to go to the dr's today because i've been feeling worn out and sometimes running a fever :(...................Sounds like everyone had a great time in chicago which is great!


  1. Oh, that doesn't sound good, hope that the Dr could help.
    Might be worth going on liquids/mushies for a little while.
    Hope that everything is ok.

  2. I hope you feel better soon - that doesn't sound good, is it the flu?

    Whatever it is, feel better soon. I hope your doc has a quick fix for you and that all is ok!!!

  3. I hope you feel better soon Andy! Not sure why that would happen. Are you eating slowly enough? I still eat too quickly sometimes and it causes me to be stuck or PB.

  4. Congrats on the 235! You must feel amazing in that aspect. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well otherwise. Hopefully you'll be back to yourself soon!

    It's been about 20 days since my last fill and for the 1st 2 weeks I felt no change and then week 2 it was like I could not eat a thing and it's been that way since. I have not been eating much at all! I have another fill in Nov. and depending on how things are going I am considering getting an unfill! We will see!

    Again hope you feel better soon! No wonder why I have not heard back from you via email, so not like you! =)

    Talk to you soon!


  5. Hope the doc can help you out. Sounds like a rough patch.

  6. Congrats on the new low! I think thats what my DH weighs. Feel better!