Friday, September 17, 2010

New small size

Hey! Just alittle update my weight is holding around 240 pounds which hopefully i'll be able to drop more soon..........I so psyched i tried on a large jacket last night and it fit............i used to wear like 2-3xl so now that i'm the large -xl range i'm really happy.........i'm going to nyc on monday! i'm going to try to make some good choices and I will be doing a lot of walking.


  1. Well done on your new size, fantastic!

  2. Be proud of yourself, Andy, You've accomplished so much and you look great! When you go out in the world, let your confidence shine! Everyone loves a confident man.

  3. Hey Andy!!!

    I'm back from Baltimore! Congrats on the new size that is so exciting! I finally went down a pants size as well so I know how great you feel!!!! =)