Friday, October 29, 2010

Making a commitment

hey!!!!!!! its almost halloween!!!!! any fun plans??????? so i've decided to make a commintment to myself..........i know its going to be exremely tough but from now and i'd like it to be atleast to the new year i'm not going to eat any chips or any candy like resses and kit kats. I need to rid my body of these bad foods.......i worke up this morning and i saw a .2 pound gain i know its not like hardly anything but i was hoping for a good that is my goal and i'm sticking it to it from this time unitl atleast the new year.............

Thursday, October 28, 2010

you tube

hey i started a you tube channel as well you can follow me there at

Monday, October 25, 2010

my trip to the er!

So, alittle bit of news.......on thursday i went to my band appt and they removed half a feels so much better I can eat about half of something and thats it....for those of you don't know i only have one eye......after my bariatric appt i went to my retina specialist. I've been having times where my vision goes away for like 10 sec then comes back. During that time I see black or a flash of lighting. The dr said my retina looks stable but i needed to see a neurologist or neuro opthamologist and that he was sending me to the er.....he said he thinks he knew what it was but didn't say what.......Of course during this time i'm thinking tumor. I got to the er and saw a neurologist who did all sorts of testing......they also did a brain mri....they said it looked normal they gave me 2 options either try to schedule appts as outpatient or stay overnight as inpatient. I decided to stay as inpatient because with one eye and not knowing what it was being an inpatient would give me an anwser sooner. The next day they did an ultrasound of the coroted artery and an echo cardiogram. I also saw a neuro opthamologist. The testing came back negative. They think what i'm having is Visual headaches. They were gonna try propholaxis but couldn't gurantee it would help. I chose to hold off for now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dr's tomorrow

so.......i have my appt tomorrow. i've been staying on liquids like the nurse said.....i took some medicine and its not available in chewables or liquid so i have to swallow them and i don't know if thats what did it, but around an hour later....i vommited........i'm hoping i don't have a slipped band. It just seems like the band is tighter now than it was before. He'll probabaly send me for a barium swallow or endoscopy, Which would make me happy that way i know the band is alright....i'm hoping just a small unfill will help. Does anyone every have a fill and all of a sudden it seems tighter than normal most of the time?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

weight loss surgery foundation of america

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ugh liquids

so i started liquids like the nurse said for a few days to get rid of the inflamation..........less than 24 hours and its already been not fun :(..............on a good note the scale said 228.4 this morning so i'm not complaining with that i've gotton back on the exercise and have done 30 min 3 days in a row sooo yay...........o ya i also have blackberry messenger feel free to add me my pin is.......321E7EF8

Monday, October 18, 2010

I emailed the dr

so I emailed the receptionist in my dr's office trying to see if i can in before next thrusday.....i deff feel like i need a small unfill.............6 was to easy and 6.5 seems more than enough. is that possible???? I feel like I tried to be slow chewing on my eating.......and its not working......I don't think there's errosion since its too tight i'm hoping he does a swallow but not a endoscopy.......i'm just sick of vommiting all the tiem..i've tried warm stuff and i thought it helped but apparently not :(....................well how is everyones day going? the nurse called me i'm going on liquids untiill thursday :( but they are getting me in on thurday at 1 a whole week early so that'll be cool their so nice hopefullly i don't get reprimanded for waiting on this for so long.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

that was interesting

ok!!!!!! let me have you opinion i have this friend who i made plans with almost a week ago to go to the  movies with this weekend. Today she called me to set up a time and stuff and then she told me this other guy was going to. I didn't know this guy. Were just friends but it felt awkward that she didn't ask me if i minded or anything. I wasn't going to work out today..............but i did 30 min on the exercise bike.......i had my mom take a picture of me after my workout for you.........

Friday, October 15, 2010


so.......10/28 is my next dr's appt i think i'm gonna try to convince him to take .25 cc out because i'm having to much trouble trying to keep food and liquid down especially in the morning and early afternoon........sometimes i vomit 2-3 times a day and sometimes 1 and sometimes none......i think its just  how fast i drink or eat and i try to eat or drink slower but still having trouble any ideas?? he may want to do endoscopy but i'm still having restriction so i don't think its eroded......its strange at night i could eat a huge sandwich if i wanted with no problem but during the morning and early afternoon nope.......I think just need to really focus on how much i'm drinking or eating at once............i'm gonna try that and see if it gets better before i go to the surgeon.....does anyone have problems with salad at all?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


hey!!!!!! so i caught my first glimpse of the 220's this morning! I weighed in at 229.2.......I want to say how amazing I think all of my followers are............YOU are all doing great! your so inspiring and have been so supportive! I can't thank you enough for all your help and advice.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

100 pounds!

Sol...........................i weighed in at 231 this morning which means starting with my first dr's appt in november of 08 i'm down 100 pounds.........lets hope the scale stays theres overall i've probably lost more like 130 pounds, it feels good to be successful.....i got back on the exercise last night i only did 15 min on the bike, but it tells me how out of shape i am cuz i thought it was going to kill me

Monday, October 11, 2010

questions to ask yourself

So I find duriing weight loss i've been often asking myself why am I doing this??? What are you reasons? Half of me always says to be healthier.....the other half says because I want to become more attractive and have better luck with the ladies. Also theres a risk of heart disease from my dad's side so I want to be healthier because of that and it will decrease my chances of having something happen. What are your reasons and motivation for weight loss?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


its rainy up here in vermont today :(...............................So i'm trying to muster up energy and motivation to work out tonight.........even if its just for 15 min its better than scale creeped up alittle bit to 233.0 but i belive its just because i've been eating alitle bit more lately. In good news my vommiting has been very minimal the past few days...... yestarday was like maybw 2 or 3 times but thats my fault for eating or drinking to fast but theres been days where none at all so that makes me happy and I hope i can continue on that route...........only about 70 more pounds to go till i'm hopefully at what will be my goal weight i'd love to be below 200 before christmas.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Happy Wednsday!!! My second job that I quit, I may just take a few weeks off then only do like a day or 2 a week.............A couple people posted on my facebook about how i'm looking good and even though one of them is my feels really good to hear that. my weight is holding around 232.6 i have a dr's appt 10/28 so i'm hoping to be in the 220's around then.......i want to just hurry up and be in onederland but i know i'm prob looking at that around the end of the year....................what are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

Monday, October 4, 2010

choices.............and monday and stuff

we can either make good choices or bad today i weighed in at 232.8!!!!! so from when my surgeons office first weighed m3 i was 331 so thats almost 100 pounds down. I really weighed more than that before i went to my surgeon, but thats just what they had me at...................So I  noticiied when i take my time eating and drinking even if it takes me forever I have less problems with vommiting......but on certain foods like french frys and hot dogs. I have issues. Also I seem to have more issues in the morning, but i'm hoping i'll improve i finally gotta settle into my own as in my previous post its not normal to vomit 3 times a day. I think i just truly eat and drink to fast. On a good note i'm hoping my sickness is going away. I'm having trouble breathing so i'm getting a prescription called in tonight and gotta pick that up as i leave work...........i quit my second job. I decided it was time......i just don't feel as great and i've been feeling run down.......hopefully when I kick this cold I'll be able to really focus on working out and the weight will drop even quicker. I hope everyones having a great day!