Friday, October 15, 2010


so.......10/28 is my next dr's appt i think i'm gonna try to convince him to take .25 cc out because i'm having to much trouble trying to keep food and liquid down especially in the morning and early afternoon........sometimes i vomit 2-3 times a day and sometimes 1 and sometimes none......i think its just  how fast i drink or eat and i try to eat or drink slower but still having trouble any ideas?? he may want to do endoscopy but i'm still having restriction so i don't think its eroded......its strange at night i could eat a huge sandwich if i wanted with no problem but during the morning and early afternoon nope.......I think just need to really focus on how much i'm drinking or eating at once............i'm gonna try that and see if it gets better before i go to the surgeon.....does anyone have problems with salad at all?


  1. Vomiting shouldn't be a part of your daily life. I hope your dr. and you can figure out a solution, Andy! Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. I am super tight in the mornings and have been like that since I first got banded. I have to drink hot tea every morning before I can even eat yogurt. I also try to drink warm liquids before main meals and that makes things easier.

    Maybe you could try that.

  3. I have problems sometimes with salad. It's because it's not natural for me to chew it to mush, so I always just chew a few times then swallow. blah! Vomiting so much is not a good thing and it's going to wreak havoc on you in the long run. I think you may be on to something about focusing on the "how much" and "how fast". Before I had restriction, I just ate like normal (except smaller portions) but when I finally got to somewhat good was a very rude wake up call and I experienced my first ever vomit episode.

    Good luck and you know we're all behind you :)

  4. Vomiting is not a part of the deal! Sometimes when I get a fill I forget how tight it can make me and I don't realize how fast I had been eating. Make sure you pay attention to slow eating and chewing. If it doesn't get better call the dr. You really should not be vomiting.

    I have hard time with salads and raw veggies. They don't digest well for me so I opt for soups. I like to make chicken soup or veggie soup, its low in fat/calories but high in the veggie/protein department.

    Good luck with everything! Oh, and the band is totally tighter in the AM, I like Jess's idea of drinking something warm.

  5. Yes, vomiting is not good or part of the lap band lifestyle, hang in there....are you chewing your food to the consistency of applesauce? A cup of food should take about 20-30 minutes to eat. Slow down a bit and see if that helps :) Raw veggies in general can be a bit fiberous and difficult to get down sometimes.