Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dr's tomorrow

so.......i have my appt tomorrow. i've been staying on liquids like the nurse said.....i took some medicine and its not available in chewables or liquid so i have to swallow them and i don't know if thats what did it, but around an hour later....i vommited........i'm hoping i don't have a slipped band. It just seems like the band is tighter now than it was before. He'll probabaly send me for a barium swallow or endoscopy, Which would make me happy that way i know the band is alright....i'm hoping just a small unfill will help. Does anyone every have a fill and all of a sudden it seems tighter than normal most of the time?

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  1. I havent told you yet, but I love your shut up and sweat shirt! I highly doubt is a slipped band, if might be a little irritated. We all were paranoid in the beginning about things like that. And restriction level seems to flucuate for various reasons.