Monday, October 25, 2010

my trip to the er!

So, alittle bit of news.......on thursday i went to my band appt and they removed half a feels so much better I can eat about half of something and thats it....for those of you don't know i only have one eye......after my bariatric appt i went to my retina specialist. I've been having times where my vision goes away for like 10 sec then comes back. During that time I see black or a flash of lighting. The dr said my retina looks stable but i needed to see a neurologist or neuro opthamologist and that he was sending me to the er.....he said he thinks he knew what it was but didn't say what.......Of course during this time i'm thinking tumor. I got to the er and saw a neurologist who did all sorts of testing......they also did a brain mri....they said it looked normal they gave me 2 options either try to schedule appts as outpatient or stay overnight as inpatient. I decided to stay as inpatient because with one eye and not knowing what it was being an inpatient would give me an anwser sooner. The next day they did an ultrasound of the coroted artery and an echo cardiogram. I also saw a neuro opthamologist. The testing came back negative. They think what i'm having is Visual headaches. They were gonna try propholaxis but couldn't gurantee it would help. I chose to hold off for now.


  1. I'm glad the unfill is helping on the band front. Keep us posted about the eye. That's scary stuff!

  2. Aw, I'm sorry that sounds so scary! I hope they figure out what it is or something! why would hold off if their results are kinda inconclusive? I'd be up there 24/7 if I was freaked out over my vision! *Hugs*

  3. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on everything.