Thursday, October 7, 2010


its rainy up here in vermont today :(...............................So i'm trying to muster up energy and motivation to work out tonight.........even if its just for 15 min its better than scale creeped up alittle bit to 233.0 but i belive its just because i've been eating alitle bit more lately. In good news my vommiting has been very minimal the past few days...... yestarday was like maybw 2 or 3 times but thats my fault for eating or drinking to fast but theres been days where none at all so that makes me happy and I hope i can continue on that route...........only about 70 more pounds to go till i'm hopefully at what will be my goal weight i'd love to be below 200 before christmas.


  1. This rainy weather is definitely tough on the motivation. Glad vomiting has decreased. Good luck on your christmas goal.

  2. Woo, careful on the throwing up! That will irritate that band!!! :)

  3. For my workouts I mostly doing running. I started running about a year ago, 4 mths post op. It is something i have grown to deeply love. But when I go to the gym, I like doing Kettlebells (U can google that) and I love the elliptical and cycling! Both of those are great cardio workouts that make you drip sweat ASAP!!! But now that I'm over a year post op, I'm trying to include a lot more weight training b/c my trainer said most people trying to lose weight make the mistake of just doing cardio (which I did for the first 9 mths) and it's wrong. BUILD MUSCLE b/c MUSCLE BURNS FAT! Makes your metabolism faster and your "resting metabolic rate" higher. So basically, you burn more fat when you are doing NOTHING if you have more muscle!