Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I need to get back witth he program! I obviously need a fill..............also ive been making bad food choices........:( i've put on like 15 pounds since my last fill about 5 pounds was expecteted................i gotta step it up


  1. I'll be checking back to make sure you're stepping up the game :)

  2. Andy!!! No you have to call today for your fill appointment!! I'm starting to count my carbs, you should do that with me! Drink a lot of water because I am sure at least 5lbs of that is water weight!

    I believe in you ANDY!!!


  3. Yup I have gained 4lbs back since my last fill but I don't need another. I just basically suck at this whole "losing weight" thing.

    You can do it!!!! Believe in yourself!